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quick update…

ecc is over!  yay!  no more algebra. no more science.  no more spanish.  yes more photography :D no more deadlines.  but no more seeing friends :(  no more laughing in algebra. no more reese’s peanut butter cups.

so happy & sad. together.

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  1. Oh I so remember the feeling – but you can keep in touch with your friends, right? Maybe you could coordinate a get-together or a sleepover (you know, another great scavenger hunt). The good part of course is “no more algebra, no more science etc….” but I know how it is to miss your friends. Anyway, you have a wonderful trip coming up and we’re all really looking forward to seeing you. I can’t wait!!!! Love ya!
    Auntie Steph

  2. Great dress! Really cute – looks good on you too. I love the jeans. Be sure to bring them with you. See you this week!

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