not packing my bike

photos, words

…it wouldn’t fit.  my suitcase is full already.  and ha!  i’m not even done packing.

this is my suitcase.  notice the hawaiian flowery print.  i added that.  for real.  i sewed a pocket into the suitcase we’re BORROWING.  haha.  i was halfway done and mom was like “did you ask them?”  so i called auntie di.  and she said it was fine.  haha. again.  and i love how i have magazines in my suitcase like it’s contraband.


so, i rode my bike to my friend’s house to get my hair cut.  her mom is a hairstlyist.  i didn’t bring my camera.  i didn’t bring anything.  just a helmet.  don’t like those.  but it was fun to ride my bike by myself.  without a cell phone.  or anything.  it made me feel independent.

here are some recent things i’ve made.

i love how our grass is green outside.

so i made 2 potholders out of some old jeans that had holes in the knees.  melissa gave me the idea for a fat man with a moustache.  i guess he’s a cook.  i made lots of cards, and a notebook for myself.  haha yeah i’m selfish.  for MYSELF! :D



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