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^ i’m loving how the balloons look, aren’t you?  this picture was rather hard to take… just because it was into the sun and i was afraid i was like burning out my sensor or something.


^ clara’s cake.  this is what results of cake decorating skills after 9 at night.  yes, 33 candles although she’s only 14.

we roasted hot dogs and had chili for dinner, and smores and cake and ice cream for dessert.


^ i’m not sure what she was reacting to… but it’s funny.


we all smell like smoke now.

2 thoughts on “partay

  1. you have terrible cake decorating skills. I mean, i still have indigestion from all the wax in the icing… JK! xD.
    and that picture is AWESOME. can I steal it?

  2. Cake is cute….what???…..33 candles???? why rush it????? (just remember, it’s #53 for me this year…..WHA….????!!!!!!!!!!)
    Anyway, loving the balloons, glad no rain, Melly in the fire with her BIG yellow sunglasses, “nuff said – love you all.
    auntie steph

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