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  1. How did you get it to focus along a horizontal gradient? Is this cropped at all?
    Incredible picture by the way, and Melissa’s sunglasses are very silly.

  2. this was taken with film, and a f1.4 lens, so there is incredible (and really small) depth of field. by horizontal gradient do you mean the slice that is in focus? and no, i didn’t crop it. i guess because it was taken with 35mm film the size is a different ratio.

  3. I see, it’s amazing! I meant that it seems to be less focused to the left and become more focused to the right. horizontal>

  4. i think the amount that is focused on sort of has to do with the distance from the lens. i think, though that i am not really going to be able to explain what i mean, or exactly understand what you mean in a comment thread. but that’s okay. :)

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