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right now i’m listening to mozart, allegro con brio.  on vinyl.  i borrowed a converter thing from some friends, so i am doing that now: converting vinyl to digital.  it’s pretty sweet.

i asked mom how to start the record playing, and she showed me.  she laughed at my attempts to find out how to do it on eHow.

it’s almost a lost art, vinyl records.  but i know there are those who insist that vinyl gives better sound than cds, and i might agree with them.

but anyway.


4 thoughts on “vinyl

  1. I love Vinyl records. Our player got ruined when we moved here, so i haven’t been able to use one for almost 6 years, I remember that we (me pat teryn and kels) would sit there and listen to the original starwars soundtrack. And the soundtrack for Man of lamauncha or however you spell that :) hahahaah I miss that! It was epic!

  2. love it! so epic and awesome. i wanna get a record player for myself so bad. and grow a collection. or… start a collection. haha.

  3. Hello, I am new to word press, and this is my very first time posting a comment to anyone’s page. I just picked up a great recording of Bartok’s music for strings, percussion and celesta, which is out of site.

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