a story of God’s provision

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As many of you know, lately I have been wanting to buy a DSLR camera.  Ideally I would get one before we went to New Mexico and before a friend’s wedding, so basically before November.

First, my friends Casey and Eric had the idea to do a raffle to raise money for me buying a camera, with the prize being me doing a photoshoot for someone.  It seemed like a great idea and was working out, until we found out that doing a raffle as an individual in Texas was… illegal.  So, that door closed.

Second, I started pursuing looking on Craigslist for used cameras, planning to buy one of what I have in savings.  God opened doors  there – it seemed like it was working out to  go that path.  I had contacted one guy, in Mansfield who was selling a Nikon D80 and and 18-55mm  lens, for $600.  But it wasn’t working out smoothly to meet with him, and then, that evening I looked on Craigslist again, because Casey had encouraged me not to get my heart set on one specific camera.   And, there was another D80 listed, with an 18-135mm lens, for $100 less!  Dad called the guy (who was named Ernie… I thought he would be an old man) and it turned out that he had only had the camera for a few months and then got a D90, and that (this is the best part) he was a worship pastor!  We met him after church at his church (also in Mansfield… it seems like I’m fated to buy cameras from people in Mansfield) and now I own a camera!

It’s like Amy’s story of how she got a job… God just dropped the opportunity in her lap, and it turned out to be the perfect one.

Praise the Lord.  That’s all I can say.


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