film:: at the beach

a day in the life, photos, words

^ i took lots of pictures of melissa

^ my super awesome (and super cute) parents

^ it was only very very windy. that was actually why i mostly used my film camera, because the blowing sand was reeeaaalllly bad for my digital SLR. (after just a few minutes i was noticing grittiness on my lens.)

^ jellyfish

^ melly building the sandcastle. more precisely, the fab tunnel she dug.

^ our sandcastle. self filling moat! so awesome.

the end!


One thought on “film:: at the beach

  1. Excellent photos!!! Film – old fashioned, fun. Hard to believe we always had to wait for our photos to get developed before we knew what we had. That first one of Melissa – I almost thought it was your mom – I had never noticed such a close resemblance (I think it’s their same chin/mouth). Thanks for posting!
    Love you,
    Auntie Steph

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