Hello, how are you doing today? This page will be a small one sided conversation telling you about myself (which is a little awkward), but I would love to get to know you too. Click over to my contact page or reach out on one of the social media profiles linked below.

My name is Elicia Wetstein. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ! He is pretty much the purpose of my life. In 2014, Jesus called me to serve as a missionary with Gospel for Asia, a non-profit missions movement working in more than a dozen Asian nations. I work as a home-team staff member in the US office, based in Wills Point, Texas. If home-team staff and missionary sound contradictory, check out this longer explanation about how I serve as a vital link to the mission field in Asia.

I’m also a photographer, with a penchant for writing, baking, sewing, and braiding my hair.  I am one of four sisters, and I love my family. In 2013, I embarked on a yearlong journey to Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. Through 2014 I continued the unexpected adventure of a second year of the School of Discipleship in Carrollton, Texas, USA.

This blog is a place to proclaim the faithfulness of Jesus, both in my own life and around the world. You’ll hear a lot about what He is teaching me and His love is transforming lives in Asia. Read more about the vision for my blog.

Since writing this about page, I’ve gotten married to a wonderful fellow named Joshua. You’ll be introduced to him more soon.

Tell me, how has God shown Himself faithful in your life?

Twitter: @eliciamoose
Instagram: @eliciamoose


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