the beauty of film

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I’m discovering more and more just how much I love the analog medium. With fewer shots per roll/film pack, you have to think about the shot so much more – and that’s really teaching me to think much more about each shot.

I’m learning to be competent in the darkroom too: rolling the film, mixing the chemicals,  timing the processes, cutting the negatives, making contact sheets, using the enlarger, and, the best part, in my opinion – developing the prints. Gently sloshing the liquid in the tray, and watching the image grow on the paper is so magical.

A few collages of some recent film photos. 35mm color film, 35mm b&w film, 120 color, 120 b&w, 35mm color reversal, and The Impossible Project Polaroid film.


I’m now offering all-film photoshoots: color reversal film (slide film), true black and white, and polaroid instant film. Contact me about a booking!


warm blur

photos, stories, words

i scanned these in today… they’re all from my 35mm slr.


^ when it was really golden at sunset after a storm


^ when the guys came over for dinner


^ ponies against army men


^ melissa with her new camera


^ after tuesday night prayer


^ process of changing our room


^ cassie, sharlena, and clara at broken arrow bible ranch probably 5 or so years ago [found the rolls of film and developed/printed them]

more will be shared in the future!

father, hear me when i call on your name, answer me now