a day in the life.

a day in the life, photos, stories, words


^ these pants used to be… pants.  like, down to the ankle pants.  that must have been  long ago.


^ breakfast: cereal, cantaloupe, and brown cow yogurt.


^ breakfast number 2: eggs.


^ baby quilt for a friend


^ made while babysitting: gingerbread cookies, with [homemade!] vanilla icing, and eyes.


^ they came in from the pool to decorate the cookies.  first they iced them, then the icing had to harden.  and they were watching it harden.  then they painted them with edible watercolor icing.


^eating their creations


^ one of hudson’s crazy ideas…  the pool was too cold, so he filled up this bowl with water, and was trying to make the pool warmer.


^ reading and journaling in bed


^ dinner


kid-sitting and…jumping?

photos, stories, words

i babysit these adorable kids that i just love.

how rylee writes is just precious.  how she forms the letters and numbers is so cute.  but i bet i probably was like that when i was first learning.

and i don’t know if you can see it very well, but her E at the end of LOVE  is like 2 1/2 inches long.  i love it.


and of course, while they were napping, i went outside and took pictures of myself jumping.  one does that every time you babysit, right?

but this time i had a purpose.  my cousin mary’s birthday.

i love my face in this one.  jumping off playground equipment makes great photos, but i wanted to land on land- not shovels or slides.


i have another one that’s similar to this one, but i’m looking down.  i was jumping basically onto my camera, and didn’t really want to come down feet first on it.