a day in the life, photos, words

^ cupcakes, made by rachael and melissa.  really super delicious.  i will never be able to eat a cupcake without filling again.

^ lots and lots of people came.  and this was just the dining room.

^ paper lanterns on the back porch

^ charlie, claire, and ryan

^ethan, justin, and judah  in fedoras.  they’re a pretty sweet band.

^ lights in the backyard


happy sad occasion

photos, thoughts, words


^ ha, this has nothing to do with the happy sad occasion, which was the august 08 school of discipleship graduation (with gfa.)  this is the project i’m helping with.  researching selling barbies and hot wheels cars.


^ the cake we picked up at costco


^ during the graduation


^ ice cream!  there was ice cream!  i don’t EVER remember there being ice cream for us to eat at a gfa event, except maybe at friday night prayer when there was ice cream with warm brownies, and when auntie betty had it for us at lunch.


^ melissa dancing around with jenna


^ rylee, jenna and asa all got balloons.  i got a balloon too, but i inhaled the helium from it instead of tying it around my wrist.



^ micah was a little present