hair adventures : pin curls

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pin curls.

i tried these last night, after taking out my heidi braid. i ran out of bobby pins about halfway through, and then ran around the house looking for more.  they are pretty easy (a little difficult with layered hair) but much more comfortable to sleep in than foam rollers. and i didn’t take a before picture of this, even though it wasn’t that bad looking, because it was late at night and because clara stole the tripod.

so here is an after picture. looove how this looks. thanks, amy, for taking a picture of me.

also, love how it mostly curls the end and not up top so much. it makes wearing it down so much easier. that probably will vary for your hair length.

tutorial here: strawberry koi vintage pin curls


heidi braids + my outfit today

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second time trying these actually, but the first time for it to work. i need to figure out the best way to do the bobby pins, and make it less messy, but i really like this.

photo tutorial here: orchid grey heidi braids

video tutorial here: strawberry koi vintage heidi braids

i found this shirt in my melisssa’s drawer. she found it at a clothing exchange.

clara took our tripod with her to beach camp, so for these i just set my camera on a shelf or dresser.

snow should be white.

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recently i read somewhere online about adjusting a photo’s levels to make the whites, well, white.

this photo i took back at the beginning of the snowpocalypse.

isn’t it sadly gray? really really sadly gray.

but this… this is what snow should look like.

and i’m not one of those bloggers with tons of photoshop tutorials and handy-dandy screen shots of what i did, so i’ll try to explain it. (and i use gimp, anyway.) but in levels, when the whites in your photo are gray, you drag the white arrow (on the far right) over to where the histogram starts. if that makes sense. (a friend of mine mentioned you can do the same thing with the black to even out the look. i haven’t tried this yet – just starting to use gimp more.)