la de da

photos, words

here are some faves.

me and my bag and coat and shoes.  yes, coat in arizona.  it was cool and windy.


this photo represents our food parties.  #1  m&m’s and water.  #2  ramen and bread and water.  #3 jello and ramen and water.


we picked grapefruit and tangelos from our grandparents’ trees.

i love this photo because:

the focus is on the orange one.

the orange one pops.

the orange one, i guess i shall say the tangelo, is in a visual sweet spot.


this one is rather cool.


bit of enlightenment:

putting a jug full of water outside will detract dogs.  like un attract them.  bother them so they don’t come to the front of your house.  supposedly.  it works, i think.  i didn’t witness it work, but i heard first hand accounts from reliable witnesses.


family photo!



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