Christmas Day

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jared, esther, asher, jotham, kara, and gabi came to david and charlotte’s for breakfast on Christmas day.  we ate lots of yummy food.  then we opened presents, and then we were just hanging around, making food and getting ready for Christmas dinner.  then lots of the michnovicz’s came over and we ate more food.  then mom, dad, amy, and i went on a walk, during which my ears froze.  i stopped alot to take pictures, and then ran to catch up with them.  we played canasta, at more food, and had a great time.

^ jared and asher


^ this necklace and these earrings are from melissa.

^ new mexican. michnovicz.  lots.  good.

^ look at those good-looking mashed potatoes.  and gravy, and turkey.

^ asher and gabi with cousin joanna


christmastime in new mexico! mainly, SNOW!

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my family and i are now in new mexico for christmas! we drove in yesterday, the 22nd, and tonight we will hang out with auntie steph, and tomorrow is christmas eve and the day after tomorrow is…. CHRISTMAS!  and, also, it’s snowing!  or was.  lovely large flakes (unromantic word… how about fluffs?) falling from the sky.  this  clara and i woke up to uncle david making coffee, and then clara sits up and is like “look out the window! it’s snowing!” so i do, and of course, it is.  and it’s beautiful! after waking up more, we bundled up and went outside.  we made snow angels, and snow flowers, and a snow man.  and then auntie steph drove up in her new car, which we didn’t recognize, honked at us, and we ate breakfast with her and stuff.  she brought reindeer antlers, and chocolate.   and then mom and dad and amy and melissa came out, and we had a lovely giant snowball fight.  we all threw snowballs at  dad, because he was the worst, or best, at hitting us.  getting hit on the behind with a rock hard snowball hurts.  but, i got him back.   and when i had my little digital camera and film slr, i was immune from getting hit by snowballs.  it was great.

^ this is chad, the snowman.

^ mom giving chad bunny ears

^dad threw a shovelful of snow on her.

after you have waded through that slog of words, here are some pictures for you!

^when auntie steph came, she brought reindeer antlers!

^melissa and i

^mom and dad

^amy and i

^ catching snowflakes!


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^ bag of stuff.  three cameras, 3 books (more in other bag), journal, list book, wallet, bible.



^ feet.  driving.


^ creepy abandoned motel… and there was this guy hanging around it too.


^ highway poetry


^ houston skyline


^ trying to figure out the network connection with my awesome cousin randy…  he was stop motion animating before his mom told him to do homework, which was playing his french horn.  and now my other little cousin is watching youtube videos :)

la de da

photos, words

here are some faves.

me and my bag and coat and shoes.  yes, coat in arizona.  it was cool and windy.


this photo represents our food parties.  #1  m&m’s and water.  #2  ramen and bread and water.  #3 jello and ramen and water.


we picked grapefruit and tangelos from our grandparents’ trees.

i love this photo because:

the focus is on the orange one.

the orange one pops.

the orange one, i guess i shall say the tangelo, is in a visual sweet spot.


this one is rather cool.


bit of enlightenment:

putting a jug full of water outside will detract dogs.  like un attract them.  bother them so they don’t come to the front of your house.  supposedly.  it works, i think.  i didn’t witness it work, but i heard first hand accounts from reliable witnesses.


family photo!



thoughts, words

okay, i am not gonna put tons of photos of our trip to nm/az. only people who know me should be reading this, and if you know me, and have a facebook, you are probably my friend on facebook. and can look at photos there, if you are so inclined. and, if you have not become enlightened to knowledge of the facebook world, i will email you a link to them. because there you can look at them.

it is such a pain to upload the same photos to everything.

and, clara, this post is in honor of what you just enlightened me about.

road trip

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 funny photo of us in the car.


haha this photo is funny too… and i won’t tell a funny quote clara said, but she asked me not to, but she doesn’t know i already put it on facebook…


we visited a big cross with  a statue garden of different scenes from jesus’ crucifiction, and here melissa and daddy are pretending to be disciples suprised at the empty tomb.

 it was really windy.


i like this photo of melly… even though she probably doesn’t.



we got to meet our cousin asher!!



Mom got to quilt with Mema.