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^ bag of stuff.  three cameras, 3 books (more in other bag), journal, list book, wallet, bible.



^ feet.  driving.


^ creepy abandoned motel… and there was this guy hanging around it too.


^ highway poetry


^ houston skyline


^ trying to figure out the network connection with my awesome cousin randy…  he was stop motion animating before his mom told him to do homework, which was playing his french horn.  and now my other little cousin is watching youtube videos :)


2 thoughts on “houston

  1. Totally loving the update! I see the photos of downtown Houston and I realize how close you are to Uncle Moky & Mema (and ReeRee). I just wish I were there with you. I’m glad for you to spend time with Randy & Elena – they are way cool! Have a great time and tell Uncle Moky I miss him!!!!
    Love to all of you – love your blog!
    Auntie Steph

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