this is my family.

^ my aunts, uncles and grandparents on my mother’s side.  my mom is the girl in the middle of the people sitting on the couch.

^ mema and grandpa big mike on their wedding day.

^ auntie margo [margaret ann] and mom [paula jo]

^ my grandfather was a professional photographer, and he worked in los alamos during the building of the atomic bomb as an army photographer.


  1. Oh Ellie!
    so glad you sent the email to alert me to your update! What a wonderful trip down “memory” lane. The photo of Mema & GBM is one I’ve never seen before (isn’t it delightful??!!)
    An email to you tomorrow, followed by an answer to your letter.
    I will show you lots of photos when you are here!!
    Love you tons,
    a. steph

  2. PS: GBM looks goofy at his desk at Sandia Labs! (But I very much remember visiting him there – it was nothing like visiting a dad at work nowadays!)

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