evening downtown

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This evening some of us girls went to downtown Carrollton, for a ladies chocolate walk they were having.  Basically walk around the square, go in all the fun shops,  and eat the chocolate samples.

^ really sweet balls of thread at the antique store

^ this picture pretty much sums up clara’s infatuation with owls.

^ a cameo

^ through the viewfinder of a cool toy camera

^ us five girls

^ Summur with the big bag she liked

^ Melissa at Vintage Martini in a big fur coat

^…and me in this ridiculous coat, in which Clara thought I looked like a magician


4 thoughts on “evening downtown

  1. Totally love the photos! Sounds like lots of fun. That photo of the fur hat is cool. I love the photo of Clara with the owls and I really like the photo of you, Ellie – in the coat. Great smile!

    1. I wrote a long comment but it seems to have disappeared. Oh well, I just wanted you to know I liked all the photos and your time downtown sounded like lots of fun!

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