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I started reading Mary Poppins by PL Travers outloud to Clara each night. A chapter a night, we’re now on chapter 3.  [As you can see, I use paint samples for my bookmarks.  I think this is my favorite one – I love mustardy yellow- but I had misplaced it and only found it when I reread the book I had left it in. This is also a new mug of mine – one of my favorites. From awesome store World Market. And you can’t tell, but in the mug is Abuelita’s hot chocolate.]

But just this afternoon I started another book, which so far seems like it would be a really good read-aloud book too.  The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge.

How can you keep sentences like this to yourself? “Wiggins meanwhile pursued with his tongue the taste of the long-since-digested dinner that still lingered among his whiskers.” That right there almost makes me want to grow a beard. Haha, not.

And another gem: “And it was bitterly cold and they had been travelling for what seemed like a century, and still there seemed no sign of their ever getting there.”

As I told Clara, I read it out loud in my head.


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