sunny afternoon

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these pictures i took on film back in the fall.  they got messed up along the side, so i cropped to square. i like it.


reading books aloud

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I started reading Mary Poppins by PL Travers outloud to Clara each night. A chapter a night, we’re now on chapter 3.  [As you can see, I use paint samples for my bookmarks.  I think this is my favorite one – I love mustardy yellow- but I had misplaced it and only found it when I reread the book I had left it in. This is also a new mug of mine – one of my favorites. From awesome store World Market. And you can’t tell, but in the mug is Abuelita’s hot chocolate.]

But just this afternoon I started another book, which so far seems like it would be a really good read-aloud book too.  The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge.

How can you keep sentences like this to yourself? “Wiggins meanwhile pursued with his tongue the taste of the long-since-digested dinner that still lingered among his whiskers.” That right there almost makes me want to grow a beard. Haha, not.

And another gem: “And it was bitterly cold and they had been travelling for what seemed like a century, and still there seemed no sign of their ever getting there.”

As I told Clara, I read it out loud in my head.

best bookstore in the world

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^ books


^ more books



^ melissa.  i’m realizing how amazing this picture would be if i cropped out the ceiling.  i’m gonna have to do that.


^ melissa’s favorite little room


^ amy’s chair.  yes, she is home! if only for the weekend.  she brought many fun/crazy/awesome  friends.



^ my Diana F+ lomography book


^ melissa’s dress is so perfect for taking pictures of.  she is too.  and, of course, there’s the guy with the cool beard.


the bookstore, called Recycled i think, is on north locust street in denton.  it’s in an old opera house.  it’s really mazy, like the antique store in downtown carrollton.  but more so.

so this week my aim is to take photos on a roll of film… with only  my fisheye lens on.  yeah.

road map.