crown braid

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french braid all the way around my head! and then some. my hair actually goes around one and a half times. (it’s not exactly a french braid, more of a dutch braid, because i weave the strands underneath rather than over each other.)

i start the braid right at the bottom of my hairline. also, i part my hair going diagonally across the back of my head. and i bend over so that my hair is kind of evenly distributed. then i french braid (or dutch braid), putting the strands underneath each other rather than over. i direct the braid up the side of my head and go around my whole head french braiding like this. its kinda tricky, and you’ll have to work with how your hair likes to go. i finish with all of my hair by just braiding down normally, and then pinning it into the other braid.

i don’t think that makes sense. i’m writing it late at night, and i’m more of a “show-you” explainer.


photos by clara 


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