shibori tie dye


source for this image: Honestly WTF

Several years ago I heard about Shibori dyeing for the first time. A friend of mine  living in Japan discovered an enormous store selling vintage kimonos, and many of them were patterned with this technique. She showed me a post from Honestly WTF about shibori dyeing. Ever since, I had it in the back of my head to try this sometime.

source for this image: Honestly WTF

source for this image: Honestly WTF

Using wood, pipe, stone, and string, you wrap and tie up your fabic (I used shirts) to tie dye it with various patterns. (Go to the Honestly WTF post for more in-depth information.) I used Itajime shibori (a shape resist technique), Kumo shibori (a twist and bind resist technique), and Arashi shibori (a pole wrapping technique). I also did two ombre dip-dye shirts. This post on Cotton and Curls was helpful.

I used Rit navy blue dye, because I couldn’t find an indigo. Wood I found in the garage, stones from the back yard, and cotton yarn were my tools.



I can’t wait to wear my new hand-dyed shirts!
shibori shirts

Left to right: arashi shibori, ombre dip dye tee, ombre dip dye button up, kumo shibori, and itajime shibori. 


walking on clouds

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The next color I wanted to paint my shoes was turquoise. Mint green is my favorite ever, even more that coral or rust red or mustard or that perfect dusty blue. MY FAVORITE EVER. I’ve gotta say, I think I like these shoes even more that the coral ombre ones.

[I make these shoes primarily because I love to – but also because I sell them in an online shop for handmade items. My sister and I are known on Etsy as The Moose and The Owl. www. ]

So I made it mint green over the toe of the shoes, to switch up the way I painted the lights and darks.

turquoise ombre keds

turquoise ombre keds

turquoise ombre keds

turquoise ombre keds

turquoise ombre keds

handpainted canvas shoes :: coral ombre

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I love the ombre trend. And coral too! So I combined these two beautiful things in a pair of handpainted shoes that I made for a friend.

coral ombre canvas shoes

It was extraordinarily easy. I basically did a coral base coat, then while it was still wet (so the paint could mix a little) I layered the white paint. At the local craft store I got the brush-on permanent, washable fabric paint that I used(Tulip brand soft paint, in Velveteen Red and Matte White.) Then I just touched up the areas that needed it.

I didn’t even tape anything off, I just freehanded everything. For clean up, I used nail polish remover and a Q-tip to wipe off the paint that had migrated onto the rubber sole and the holes for the shoe laces.

Coral shoes! I need to make some for me now.

my leetle terranium

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Succulents always seemed so tiny and cute – and terraniums were so lovely and charming.

Then last week or so I stayed up late researching them, and I decided that I needed to make one. I work at a local farmers market, so I picked up a succulent and some moss there. Then a few days later I got a round glass vase and a cork coaster to go underneath, and then another succulent.

Today I assembled it! First I added rocks, then some charcoal, then a small layer of moss, then soil, and then my succulents! And lastly some decorative moss. And if I find some dinosaurs or small people to live there too, I’ll add them.

I read a very helpful how-to about terraniums at Apartment Therapy.

The cluster of three succulents is called a Hen and Chicks plant (Echeveria spp.) The taller green green one is an Elephant Bush (Portulacaria afra).

This was what I started with.

And my finished terranium! I hope it lives and thrives.


crown braid

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french braid all the way around my head! and then some. my hair actually goes around one and a half times. (it’s not exactly a french braid, more of a dutch braid, because i weave the strands underneath rather than over each other.)

i start the braid right at the bottom of my hairline. also, i part my hair going diagonally across the back of my head. and i bend over so that my hair is kind of evenly distributed. then i french braid (or dutch braid), putting the strands underneath each other rather than over. i direct the braid up the side of my head and go around my whole head french braiding like this. its kinda tricky, and you’ll have to work with how your hair likes to go. i finish with all of my hair by just braiding down normally, and then pinning it into the other braid.

i don’t think that makes sense. i’m writing it late at night, and i’m more of a “show-you” explainer.


photos by clara 

backyard living, no. 1

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[this one is for claire.]

and now, dear readers, i shall now feature a series of posts about how to live in one’s backyard.

to start, one must have a place to sleep, such as a treehouse, or perhaps a tent. i have already featured such a post here.

next, one must have  a restroom facility (fully equipped with toilet paper), like an outhouse in the corner, like my sisters and i had in our fourth-acre backyard of sand in new mexico.

one must also have a way to prepare food, such as a firepit, bonfire, or grill.  the main diet of  a backyard camper may consist of hotdogs, chili, hot cider, and smores.

more examples of backyard living to follow.


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^ please disregard the slight grimace.  taking pictures with self timer doesn’t always work so fabulously.  anyway, i made this skirt out of an men’s shirt i got at a garage sale.  from an idea from readymade magazine.  it’s incredibly easy, just cut through the shirt below the underarms and make a place for a drawstring.



^ i’m really liking this hose thing.


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polyvore is this amazing website that you can basically make collages of photos.   it’s pretty awesome.

these are some sets i’ve made.


you should make an account and mess around on there.  it awesome.  just go here. and while you’re at it, add me.  email me to find out my username.


this one is one i made for clara, and she made one for me.  i might put it up here later.


recycled clutch

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this is what my workspace looked like for a while.  the clutch is made out of plastic bags, fused together with an iron.  hence the name recycled.  i then painted the plastic with acrylic paint, and sewed crazily over it.  and i don’t think i’ll post my trade secrets all over the internet, so that’s all i’m telling you about how to make it.


and artistic photos of the clutch finished.  and me.




dark alleys…

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so i was taking pictures in the dark, dangerous alley behind our house.


and, thankfully, i didn’t meet up with any nasty characters.  just honda tires.

wait, technically this isn’t an alleyway photo.  it was on the driveway.


this blossoming tree is really beautiful.


and so is this vintage basketball hoop.  beautiful in it’s own way.

and i hope they neighbors don’t mind.  me taking random photos of their house.


ipc [integrated physics & chemistry] was really fun today.  we played with batteries and alligators.  and laughed about brain transplants.  at least, i laughed and the others looked at me like i was crazy.


and the highlight of the day: hand tinting photos in photography class.  mrs. sweet came and instructed us in the art of hand coloring photos, and then we brought out the creativeness.

we basically painted on the photo paint with q-tips.  and smooth it with cotton balls.  and let it dry.  and be amazed with your work.

later i will scan in the photos (once they are dry) and post them here.