my leetle terranium

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Succulents always seemed so tiny and cute – and terraniums were so lovely and charming.

Then last week or so I stayed up late researching them, and I decided that I needed to make one. I work at a local farmers market, so I picked up a succulent and some moss there. Then a few days later I got a round glass vase and a cork coaster to go underneath, and then another succulent.

Today I assembled it! First I added rocks, then some charcoal, then a small layer of moss, then soil, and then my succulents! And lastly some decorative moss. And if I find some dinosaurs or small people to live there too, I’ll add them.

I read a very helpful how-to about terraniums at Apartment Therapy.

The cluster of three succulents is called a Hen and Chicks plant (Echeveria spp.) The taller green green one is an Elephant Bush (Portulacaria afra).

This was what I started with.

And my finished terranium! I hope it lives and thrives.



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