shibori tie dye


source for this image: Honestly WTF

Several years ago I heard about Shibori dyeing for the first time. A friend of mine  living in Japan discovered an enormous store selling vintage kimonos, and many of them were patterned with this technique. She showed me a post from Honestly WTF about shibori dyeing. Ever since, I had it in the back of my head to try this sometime.

source for this image: Honestly WTF

source for this image: Honestly WTF

Using wood, pipe, stone, and string, you wrap and tie up your fabic (I used shirts) to tie dye it with various patterns. (Go to the Honestly WTF post for more in-depth information.) I used Itajime shibori (a shape resist technique), Kumo shibori (a twist and bind resist technique), and Arashi shibori (a pole wrapping technique). I also did two ombre dip-dye shirts. This post on Cotton and Curls was helpful.

I used Rit navy blue dye, because I couldn’t find an indigo. Wood I found in the garage, stones from the back yard, and cotton yarn were my tools.



I can’t wait to wear my new hand-dyed shirts!
shibori shirts

Left to right: arashi shibori, ombre dip dye tee, ombre dip dye button up, kumo shibori, and itajime shibori.