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They herald the arrival of fall! I have lots of plans for pumpkins – enjoying their beauty and uniqueness, of course, and pumpkin soup, and carved/painted pumpkins, and pumpkin spice lattes :)

Did you know you can buy prints of my photos on Society6, as well as laptop skins, stationary cards, and iPhone cases? It makes me so happy! Of course, a sale or two would make me even more happy : )


photos from early fall

photos, words

^ a sunrise

^ one of my favorite things are the morning glories that grow through our fence into the alley

^ this was when we dropped off melissa to go to school at DBU. she really does love it there, she’s just squinting because its bright and i was taking a long time to take the photo.

^ morning glories.  really, my family is more successful growing flowers than vegetables.

picnic in the leaves

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i went over to play with em & jen in their massive pile of leaves.  but not just jumping in it.  fallling off backward into it from the swing, running around the tree and flying into the pile,  diving into it. oh for a massive pile of leaves with a swing nearby.  perhaps i shall migrate our leaf pile.

little girl, next door neighbor.  played in the leaves too.

we had a picnic too. cider, spice tea, cookies.  sitting in the leaves.