I actually took a self portrait!

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Recent work, playing around with colors a little bit.



quilts and grass and rain

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^ i made a quilt for a friend who’s having a baby… and had a photoshoot with it outside.




^ grass.

i’m so glad mom taught me how to quilt.

and, our garden seems to be doing okay after the big rainstorm we had.   the ground is still rather damp, though, so i didn’t water today.  and i try to miss the mud under the swing when i’m swinging.

recycled clutch

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this is what my workspace looked like for a while.  the clutch is made out of plastic bags, fused together with an iron.  hence the name recycled.  i then painted the plastic with acrylic paint, and sewed crazily over it.  and i don’t think i’ll post my trade secrets all over the internet, so that’s all i’m telling you about how to make it.


and artistic photos of the clutch finished.  and me.




before and during earth day

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we hung clothes on the line to dry. because it was earth day and because… our dryer broke.


i started babysitting every wednesday for one family, and this is lorena.  I drew the earth, and she wanted to color the sea bluer.  so you could see it.  i did something else amazing for earth day.  check out earth mosaic. you can do it too, and upload photos you took on april 22, 2009.


he wanted me to take a picture of him with his bike.


i love the color in this one.


dark alleys…

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so i was taking pictures in the dark, dangerous alley behind our house.


and, thankfully, i didn’t meet up with any nasty characters.  just honda tires.

wait, technically this isn’t an alleyway photo.  it was on the driveway.


this blossoming tree is really beautiful.


and so is this vintage basketball hoop.  beautiful in it’s own way.

and i hope they neighbors don’t mind.  me taking random photos of their house.


ipc [integrated physics & chemistry] was really fun today.  we played with batteries and alligators.  and laughed about brain transplants.  at least, i laughed and the others looked at me like i was crazy.


and the highlight of the day: hand tinting photos in photography class.  mrs. sweet came and instructed us in the art of hand coloring photos, and then we brought out the creativeness.

we basically painted on the photo paint with q-tips.  and smooth it with cotton balls.  and let it dry.  and be amazed with your work.

later i will scan in the photos (once they are dry) and post them here.