dark alleys…

how-to, photos, words

so i was taking pictures in the dark, dangerous alley behind our house.


and, thankfully, i didn’t meet up with any nasty characters.  just honda tires.

wait, technically this isn’t an alleyway photo.  it was on the driveway.


this blossoming tree is really beautiful.


and so is this vintage basketball hoop.  beautiful in it’s own way.

and i hope they neighbors don’t mind.  me taking random photos of their house.


ipc [integrated physics & chemistry] was really fun today.  we played with batteries and alligators.  and laughed about brain transplants.  at least, i laughed and the others looked at me like i was crazy.


and the highlight of the day: hand tinting photos in photography class.  mrs. sweet came and instructed us in the art of hand coloring photos, and then we brought out the creativeness.

we basically painted on the photo paint with q-tips.  and smooth it with cotton balls.  and let it dry.  and be amazed with your work.

later i will scan in the photos (once they are dry) and post them here.



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