black and white printing


A portrait of my sister Clara. This print had some mistakes, but actually turned out cooler because of them.



Last month I found this camera at Don’s Photo Equipment – an awesome treasure trove of a photography shop. (If you’re in Dallas, definitely go and check them out!)

It’s one of the most classic cameras ever, and I am now the excited and proud owner of a Polaroid One-Step Rainbow SX-70.

I also own a Polaroid Alpha Land SX-70 camera, and just finished off the weekend by shooting a pack of The Impossible Project’s PX-70 film at a camping trip. I’ll scan those images tomorrow, and share them :)

I’m inspired to shoot instant film by two awesome people, Justin Goode and Daniel Rodrigue.

the beauty of film

I’m discovering more and more just how much I love the analog medium. With fewer shots per roll/film pack, you have to think about the shot so much more – and that’s really teaching me to think much more about each shot.

I’m learning to be competent in the darkroom too: rolling the film, mixing the chemicals,  timing the processes, cutting the negatives, making contact sheets, using the enlarger, and, the best part, in my opinion – developing the prints. Gently sloshing the liquid in the tray, and watching the image grow on the paper is so magical.

A few collages of some recent film photos. 35mm color film, 35mm b&w film, 120 color, 120 b&w, 35mm color reversal, and The Impossible Project Polaroid film.


I’m now offering all-film photoshoots: color reversal film (slide film), true black and white, and polaroid instant film. Contact me about a booking!

my warby parkers

I just got new glasses from Warby Parker!  The Zagg frame, in Tennessee Whiskey. I really love the split-color plastic frame, with dark tortoise on top and crystal on bottom.

Warby Parker sells designer frames, prescription lenses included, for only $95. And for each pair sold, they give a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need.

warby parker zagg frames-3

warby parker zagg frames-1

warby parker zagg frames-2

warby parker zagg frames-4

taken with expired fujichrome 100 color reversal film

Page CXVI + Derek Webb in concert

Opening night in Dallas of Derek Webb’s CTRL tour for his new album: September 27th, 2012.

Page CXVI  had the first set (they do re-imaginings of hymns, making them accessible and known again), and then they played with Derek for the Ctrl album.

The Prophet Bar

The show was held at the Prophet Bar in the Deep Ellum area of downtown Dallas.

page cxvi

Page CXVI started the night off with powerful hymns and worship. (The fact that their name, Page 116, comes from that page of The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis, where Aslan sings the world into existence is AWESOME. I mean, that this band of people who love Jesus and are singing their hearts out worshiping him and making these beautiful hymns and pieces of music, has such a cool backstory to their name? So cool. )

Stage lighting.

latifah, in b+w

Latifah, vocalist for Page CXVI.


I love that their hymns lead to such genuine worship.

texting at a bar


A couple shots I took of my friends before the show started.

derek webb

derek webb

Derek Webb.

latifah texting before going onstage

A small moment of reality.



Derek’s new album CTRL is insanely cool. It’s thought provoking, and epic, and beautiful, all in the right places. But for a much better review of it, click here.

I think I’m still processing how to understand it, and I don’t know that I’ll ever have just the right words to describe it.

My personal belief is that CTRL is intended to fit together with Nexus by Sola-Mi, a concept album by Derek Webb. (Find Sola-Mi on Noisetrade here.) They fit together really well, and their stories kind of complete each other. Read about this idea here. And more is to be found if you explore deeper, according to Ryan Getz’s interview of Derek Webb. I’m looking forward to a treasure hunt similar to what led up to the releases of both Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome and Nexus, if that’s what might happen. (Read about the pre-puzzle for Sola-Mi here.)

Page CXVI is made up of Latifah Phillips, lead vocalist and pianist, her husband Reid, guitarist, and Dann Stockton, drummer.  Another music project of theirs is The Autumn Film.

Basically, I love this music. I loved the experience of hearing them live; I love that I can take photos of things that I love. It was a good night.

Page CXVI // free music on their site

The Autumn Film // free music on Noisetrade

Derek Webb // free music on Noisetrade

Nexus//Sola-Mi //entire album on Noisetrade

Go take a listen.

PS: @WILLDAL on Twitter instagrammed this photo of the concert. And that’s my head front and center! Fun to discover.


They herald the arrival of fall! I have lots of plans for pumpkins – enjoying their beauty and uniqueness, of course, and pumpkin soup, and carved/painted pumpkins, and pumpkin spice lattes :)

Did you know you can buy prints of my photos on Society6, as well as laptop skins, stationary cards, and iPhone cases? It makes me so happy! Of course, a sale or two would make me even more happy : )

walking on clouds

The next color I wanted to paint my shoes was turquoise. Mint green is my favorite ever, even more that coral or rust red or mustard or that perfect dusty blue. MY FAVORITE EVER. I’ve gotta say, I think I like these shoes even more that the coral ombre ones.

[I make these shoes primarily because I love to – but also because I sell them in an online shop for handmade items. My sister and I are known on Etsy as The Moose and The Owl. www. ]

So I made it mint green over the toe of the shoes, to switch up the way I painted the lights and darks.

turquoise ombre keds

turquoise ombre keds

turquoise ombre keds

turquoise ombre keds

turquoise ombre keds