not packing my bike

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…it wouldn’t fit.  my suitcase is full already.  and ha!  i’m not even done packing.

this is my suitcase.  notice the hawaiian flowery print.  i added that.  for real.  i sewed a pocket into the suitcase we’re BORROWING.  haha.  i was halfway done and mom was like “did you ask them?”  so i called auntie di.  and she said it was fine.  haha. again.  and i love how i have magazines in my suitcase like it’s contraband.


so, i rode my bike to my friend’s house to get my hair cut.  her mom is a hairstlyist.  i didn’t bring my camera.  i didn’t bring anything.  just a helmet.  don’t like those.  but it was fun to ride my bike by myself.  without a cell phone.  or anything.  it made me feel independent.

here are some recent things i’ve made.

i love how our grass is green outside.

so i made 2 potholders out of some old jeans that had holes in the knees.  melissa gave me the idea for a fat man with a moustache.  i guess he’s a cook.  i made lots of cards, and a notebook for myself.  haha yeah i’m selfish.  for MYSELF! :D



kid-sitting and…jumping?

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i babysit these adorable kids that i just love.

how rylee writes is just precious.  how she forms the letters and numbers is so cute.  but i bet i probably was like that when i was first learning.

and i don’t know if you can see it very well, but her E at the end of LOVE  is like 2 1/2 inches long.  i love it.


and of course, while they were napping, i went outside and took pictures of myself jumping.  one does that every time you babysit, right?

but this time i had a purpose.  my cousin mary’s birthday.

i love my face in this one.  jumping off playground equipment makes great photos, but i wanted to land on land- not shovels or slides.


i have another one that’s similar to this one, but i’m looking down.  i was jumping basically onto my camera, and didn’t really want to come down feet first on it.


izzle and beer

photos, stories, words

… root beer that is.

and here are some jewels of the many photos i took at my birthday party.

group photo #1 100_3089

photo with a tea set 100_3091

photo with coffee cans 100_30931

photo with salt and pepper shakers 100_3134

photo with a photo that remotely looks like you:


what do you think?  do we look anything like the photos?


emily wore olivia’s glasses.  because they were rounder than mine.  but you can hardly tell that the antique lady has glasses.  they’re tiny.



i love this photo.  like the focus, and everythin.


poor little broken bikini doll.

maybe she’s an antique barbie.

maybe she broke her neck because she dove into shallow water.


ha! breanna looks funny.


group photo #2


the crazy trio.


woohoo! boy shorts.


i’m really proud of how many faces i fit into this photo.

oh, and this is the picture with (root) beer.


playing quelf.  the most insanely fun random board game ever.


team super ninja monkey!


banana split.


sporting our handmade AWESOME scarves.


yes, we painted our nails outside. in the cold.  and in the wind. and in the treehouse.